How can brands stand out to the crowd?

The Football Cup holds almost as much focus, promise and appeal for brands as it does for players. How can companies cut-through the noise to land meaningful interactions with fans around the world – over the next 10 weeks we will be finding out, and so can you!

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Over 1.1 billion people watched the last Fifa World Cup Final. Far eclipsing the 206 million daily twitter users or 530 million who watched man's first step on the moon.

Sporting events dominate the top 10 viewed events in nearly every nation in the world. Testament to this the sports sponsorship market grew more than 107% in 2021 and is forecast to reach 112.2 billion U.S. dollars by 2030.

This creates a significant challenge for business – with record audiences, comes record levels of noise, competition, and barriers to cut through.

Brand managers find themselves with increasing pressure to be distinct, differentiated, and impactful but without the audience insight to unlock this potential…until now!

To get a 360 perspective we will be speaking to engaged and casual fans across England, USA, China and Brazil ages 18-40 and we'll be sharing the findings in a weekly newsletter as well as launching a report in February with all the findings.

Over the next 10 weeks we'll gather insights from real-time fan engagement around the Fifa World Cup. We will unpack the key motivations at play, insight on how these are surfacing and identify the role brands can play throughout the build-up, tournament and post-event.

Who will find this report useful?


Looking to better engage with sports fans – both hardcore and mass audience

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Trying to cut through the noise and stand out during from increasingly crowded landscape


Looking for better understanding and consumer centric sparks for innovation & messaging

A rich understanding of the fan’s relationship to the world cup, deciphering the key real-time emotional associations with the tournament

The key drivers, barriers, and motivations of fans throughout the build-up, in-the-moment of match day and post-match

Advice on the role brands can play, what does best in class look like and which companies are seeing true engagement.

What you'll get: